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Cat Grooming

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Mikki Ball Pin Brush

Mikki Ball Pin Brush helps reduce tangled or matted hair...
From $15.90

Mikki Bristle Brush Nylon

Mikki nylon bristle brush for cats, puppies and small animals removes loose hair...

Mikki Comb Double Sided Med/Coarse

Mikki double sided grooming comb has dual sides for dematting, shedding, and removing knots for medium and coarse coats...

Mikki Combi Brush Double Sided

Mikki double sided Combi Brush has soft nylon bristles on one side and ball pins on the other for short and medium coats...
From $15.90

Mikki Kitten Grooming Kit

Mikki grooming kit for kittens contains a ball pin slicker brush, grooming comb and flea comb - a complete kit for your kittens grooming needs...

Mikki Massage Brush

Mikki massage Brush promotes healthy skin and enhances circulation...
From $22.20

Mikki Moulting Comb Anti Tangle

Mikki Anti Tangle Moulting Comb from Mikki is ideal for all coats on most dogs and cats and is designed to remove dead hair during the shedding season...