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Cat Grooming & Hygiene

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Dog & Cat Repellant Spray for Home and Garden 125ml

Dog or cat repellent indoor/outdoor liquid spray to stop dogs and cats from urinating on furniture, pot plants, letter boxes, bins...

Espree Cat Wipes 50pk

Silky Cat Aloe Wipes from Espree contain hypo-allergenic ingredients, including aloe vera, that gently cleans cat sensitive skin and coats leaving your cat a fresh and shiny coat...

Keep Off Dog & Cat Repellent Granules

Outdoor dog and cat repellent granules. Keep Off! outdoor dog & cat repellent will deter dogs and cats for up to 24 hours when applied daily. Contains methyl nonyl ketone...

Mikki Kitten Grooming Kit

Mikki grooming kit for kittens contains a ball pin slicker brush, grooming comb and flea comb - a complete kit for your kittens grooming needs...

Mikki Nail Clipper for Small Pets

Mikki nail scissors for pets with long claws are clippers with scissor style cutters with precision cutting blades...

Stain & Odour Remover Advanced

Four Paws Wee-Wee Advanced Stain & Odour remover powers through pet messes such as pet urine...
From $33.90

Super Strength Stain & Odour Remover

Four Paws pet odour and stain remover neutralises dog, cat, and other pet urine so that the smell goes away and your pet won't re-mark the area. Enzyme based and works like magic to clean and deodorise...

Urine Off Cat

Urine Off pet cat urine stain and odour remover. Urine Off neutralises dog, cat, and other pet wee so that the smell disappears and your pet won't re-mark the area. Works on other stains, too...
From $28.90

Keep Off Dog & Cat Repellent Spray

Dog and cat repellent Keep Off indoor and outdoor dog & cat repellent spray will repel dogs and cats for up to 24 hours when applied daily. Contains methyl nonyl ketone...

Mikki Ball Pin Brush

Mikki Ball Pin Brush helps reduce tangled or matted hair...
From $15.90

Mikki Bristle Brush Nylon

Mikki nylon bristle brush for cats, puppies and small animals removes loose hair...

Mikki Comb Double Sided Med/Coarse

Mikki double sided grooming comb has dual sides for dematting, shedding, and removing knots for medium and coarse coats...

Mikki Combi Brush Double Sided

Mikki double sided Combi Brush has soft nylon bristles on one side and ball pins on the other for short and medium coats...
From $15.90

Mikki Dog Cat Dental Double Toothbrush

Mikki pet toothbrush for dogs and cats is specially designed to fit an animals mouth with dual length bristles...

Mikki Massage Brush

Mikki massage Brush promotes healthy skin and enhances circulation...
From $22.20

Mikki Moulting Comb Anti Tangle

Mikki Anti Tangle Moulting Comb from Mikki is ideal for all coats on most dogs and cats and is designed to remove dead hair during the shedding season...

Stay Off Granules

Dog cat repellent granules have natural ingredients including citronella that are biodegradable to repel dogs and cats away from outdoor areas...