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Aristopet Stop Chew Spray

Stop dog chewing with non-toxic training aid to stop your dog from chewing, gnawing, or licking furniture, bandages...
From $9.80

Dog & Cat Repellant Spray for Home and Garden 125ml

Dog or cat repellent indoor/outdoor liquid spray to stop dogs and cats from urinating on furniture, pot plants, letter boxes, bins...

Dog Toothpaste Triple Pet

Pet toothpaste with tartar control formula. Natural vanilla flavour...

Dog Triple Toothbrush Kit Large Breed

Triple Pet dog toothbrush and toothpaste kit for large breed dogs with vanilla flavoured toothpaste and a tooth brush with a triple head for thorough brushing to prevent tooth decay and dental disease...

Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

Convenient bag dispenser made of strong plastic, the Dispoosable Dispenser easily releases one handy bag at a time...

Espree Facial Foam Cleanser

Plum Perfect Facial Cleanser from Espree is a foaming cleanser that gently lifts tear and food stains from your dog's face with a plum fragrance...

Espree Facial Foam Cleanser Rainforest

Rainforest Facial Cleanser from Espree is a foaming cleanser that gently lifts tear and food stains from your dog's face with a rainforest fragrance...

Fresh Breath Gel 118ml

Tropiclean fresh breath gel cleans your pets teeth without brushing...

Fresh Breath Liquid Floss & Ball

Tropiclean liquidfloss triflossball cleans your dogs teeth while playing..

Fresh Breath Oral Care Instant Foam 133ml

Tropiclean fresh breath foam for oral hygiene...

FuzzYard Bedding Bliss Odour Eliminator

Fuzzyard Bedding Bliss organic dog spray is all natural and kills dog bed odours. Makes a great room freshener, too...

FuzzYard Dog Conditioner Super Shine

Fuzzyard Super Shine Organic Dog Conditioner with tangerine and cocoa butter is sulfate free and is an environmentally friendly dog grooming product...

FuzzYard Dog Conditioner Tea Tree

Fuzzyard natural dog coat conditioner contains tea tree oil and cocoa butter to make a powerful conditioner with antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties. Melaleuca also is effective against mites and lice...

Keep Off Dog & Cat Repellent Granules

Outdoor dog and cat repellent granules. Keep Off! outdoor dog & cat repellent will deter dogs and cats for up to 24 hours when applied daily. Contains methyl nonyl ketone...

Mikki Ball Pin Brush

Mikki Ball Pin Brush helps reduce tangled or matted hair...
From $15.90

Mikki Bristle Brush Nylon

Mikki nylon bristle brush for cats, puppies and small animals removes loose hair...