It seems simple to play with your cat but in reality, it is more complicated than you might think. The way you play with your cat will set the stage for the strength of your bond with your cat or may develop aggression in the later stage this all depends upon the training you do while inducing the playful behavior. As a cat is a carnivorous animal we had domesticated in our homes for a long time but the fact is natural instinct can never be changed. Appropriate playing is very important for the good physical and mental health of your cat as well.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind while playing with your cat for good training and control of aggression in a later stage.

1- Appropriate time to play

The natural cycle of a cat consists of hunting, eating, and then playing. Playtime before supper can encourage a good appetite response. Because a good metabolism is also related to physical activity. If the indoor cat has physical activity it will tend to shift his health towards obesity that is the major cause of misfit health status and abnormal BCS.

2- Stop playing if your cat becomes hyper excited

It is recommended that while playing if your cat becomes hyper excited and starts to bite in a playful manner is not a positive sign. As it will become the permanent habit of your cat to bite that will be changed into aggression in the later stage. To avoid this problem when your cat or kitten bites while playing as a punishment stop playing for a while and let your cat understand that it’s a wrong action as good communication skills with a pet are key to a good bond. In this way, you will get rid of cat scratch behavior and aggression development.

3- Use of Catnip

Nowadays, catnip is the widest product in using having little or no effect on the health of a cat and is for inducing playful behavior in cats. Catnip is actually a herb that comes under a variety of brand names available at to be delivered all over Pakistan. There are different formulations of catnip these days catnip sprays are also available in a nominal price range of an average of Rs. 500-1000 other than this catnip toys are also available. It can also be used for controlling aggression, restraining, and training your cat to leave scratching behavior. You can also use catnip while having your cat along on a road trip to avoid the inconvenience.

4- Cat toys and special care to avoid choking

There are many cat toys available including fishing rod type, ball, and artificial mice. Cats like movement so the toy must be the one that can move in a rapid and unpredictable way just like a mice or a bird. Cat is a choosey animal that can become bored with the same toy so be sure to swap the toys every few days to keep your cat interested. Special care must be done while allowing your cat to play indoor with the toys because on a daily basis majority of the cases are of choking due to ingesting the toy such as a ball that if don’t be treated on time can cause death if this happens to do immediate contact with the nearest vet.

5- Playing a tool to induce social behaviour

Playing with your cat is a tool to induce social behavior in your cat. Some cats that people own are too difficult to handle because of the deficiency of a good bond between the owner and the pet.